What Happens At a Bra Fitting?

What Happens At a Bra Fitting?

Image result for what happens at a bra fitting imagesHow many times do you get fitted? What happens at a bra fitting isn’t as daunting as you think. It’s pretty easy! Some women would feel weird when a stranger gets to see and even touch their breasts when fitting for a bra. It’s the only reason stopping them from getting professionally fitted and wearing ill-fitting bras. Wearing the wrong bra size can cause severe problems such as discomfort, pain, and even long-term damage.

We’ve answered some of the FAQs about bra fitting and some things that happen during a bra fitting process.

How much does it cost?

Bra fitting doesn’t cost a dime. Whether you are looking for the best wire free bra for large breasts or an underwire model, you will not pay a dime. Companies offer their clients complimentary since they often leave the store with a bra.

Do I need an appointment?

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Some brands, such as M&S, usually provide an online appointment system. Besides, you can call them to book an appointment over the phone or even on their website. However, other lingerie stores offer walk-in services if you request one during their regular operating hours. You can also check at your local store to find out which options you have. The longest time you can have to wait is ten minutes, but it’s quite fast.

Will I have my breasts out for the fitting?

For the fitting, you will have your bra on. You don’t necessarily need to go topless. The person doing the fitting doesn’t need to see your nipples at any point.

How Bra Fitting Works

The lady doing the fitting uses a tape measure. You are required to face in her direction and lift your arms. She then brings the tape measure around your chest and right below it. After which she lets you know the size of your back and breasts.

You can leave the store and shop for the bras yourself. But I would prefer you take advantage of having a professional around since they will help you find the right bra size and different designs. They will also ensure you take appropriate bras that suit you.

Do I need to fit the bras in front of the bra fitter?

Absolutely not, unless you feel pretty comfortable. You can always ask the bra fitter to step out or alternatively turn around and try the bra on. However, some stores have a fitting room if you want some privacy.

What happens if the bra in my size doesn’t still fit?

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You should bear in mind that bra stores are also part of the fashion industry, so the sizes are sometimes fucked up. Different brands use different sizing charts. It, therefore, means that what works for you in one brand may be quite different when it comes to other brands. Consequently, you need to try the bra on before leaving the store. There’s nothing wrong with trying different brands until you find one which works for you.

Are bra fitters women only?

Most of them are usually women, but you will also come across men who do it. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can always ask for a woman, they’ll understand.

Why is it important to get professionally fitted?

Apparently, 90% of women out there wear the wrong bra size. Ill-fitting bras can cause pain to the breasts, especially if they lack enough support. They tend to sag over time if you don’t get it right. Besides, a bra in the correct size is quite flattering.

Am I compelled to purchase one?

No. However, most women get fitted when they want to buy a bra. You can choose to buy or leave since you don’t owe anyone anything.

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Best Places for Bra Fitting

Whether you are shopping for lingerie for special occasions or everyday bras, you should always seek a second opinion. Finding a good fitting bra can be such a hassle, especially when you are on your own. If you are not sure about your bra size, or you don’t know some right places where you can get beautiful bras, get a bra fitter to help.

Several specialty lingerie stores offer bra fitting. The fitters are experts when it comes to bras and will do all the hard work for you. Even better, the knowledge they have will help you save both time and money. Plus, they are conversant with all the good bras in the market.

It’s time to change if you have been struggling with finding the right bra size. Visit the Specialty store locator to find any store near your locality and book an appointment.


Bra fitting is essential and quite simple. You can also take a friend when you out shopping or doing other things. Hope online and find a store near you, and get properly fitted. You should additionally wear comfortable clothes when you are going for a bra fitting. For instance, going for a shirt which you can slip on and off comfortably would be a good idea. Plus, you shouldn’t wear several layers of clothing since it takes a lot of time getting them off and back on after the process.

Additionally, when going for a bra fitting, you should always show up on time. You should always be time conscious. When you book an appointment, there’s usually a time slot system, and that means that the bra fitters might have other appointments lined up after yours. If you completely miss your scheduled appointment, you will need to make the booking again.


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