Go Smile Whitening Light System Reviews

go smile teeth whitening system reviews
Effectiveness:  Recommended
Safety:  100 percent
Ease of Use:  Easy
Success Rate: 88%
Doctor Recommended: N/A
Prescription: No
Side Effects: None
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Availability: Amazon
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Go Smile Teeth Whitening Gel Review

The Go Smile incorporates a two-step system.  The first step is known as the Smile Whitening System while the second phase is called the Flashlites.  The product is conveniently called as the most modern way to eliminate the stains left by food and any other beverages on your teeth.  It is said to reduce the use of trays and strips while undergoing the teeth whitening process.

Go Smile Review: Overview of the Product

The two steps comprising the Go Smile System vary as to its purpose.  The Smile Whitening System is known as the first step as this will mark the beginning of your fight against those stained teeth.  The Flashlites, on the other hand is similar as to the maintenance phase of any treatment.

The Smile Whitening System in itself contains three easy steps.  The first thing you need to do is to flip the cover of the tube.  After this, you have to pop the liquid to help whiten your teeth.  The third step is known as whiten.  This procedure should be done for seven days on a twice a day basis.

Flashlites takes similar steps to the Smile Whitening System.  The only difference is the third step which is called touch up.  Also, the level of hydrogen peroxide contained in this product is milder than the content of the first step.

The main ingredients of the Flashlites are Propylene Glycol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Copolymer, Xylitol, Flavor and Sucralose.  If you want to go beyond this step, you may have the AM and the PM toothpastes as well as the Lemonade Smile Toothpaste.  You could also get help from the B1 Teeth Whitener.

The Good

Using Go Smile goes down to the following advantages:

• It eliminates mess brought about by strips and tooth trays.
• Beautiful smiles guaranteed in as early as seven days.
• It comes in a patented storage system to protect the product.
• It takes only a minute to apply the product.

The Bad

This system is something you need to adapt for your entire life if you want to see best results.  In this regard, you have to spend more to get your smile back.

Verdict on Go Smile Teeth Whitening System

This is a good answer to some teeth whitening treatments that require too much time.  You could conveniently bring it anywhere you go without getting worried of the mess it could cause your appearance.  You also have the privilege to enjoy the mint flavor injected in the product.

However, with this kind of system where you need to maintain the appearance of your teeth, it is less effective than others offered in the market.  The costs are too high and you might as well end up with the cost of dentist makeover if you have to use this for a lifetime.  Despite these facts, it is still worth a try.

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