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Tips for Wearing Brazilian Hair

brazilian hair

If you have or are thinking of purchasing Brazilian hair  extensions, you need to pay close attention to these following tips. This is your guide to help you maintain your lovely hair extensions and keep the lustrous to maintain their natural texture.

Tip 1 – Installation

Always keep hair extension tracks whole. Also, try not to cut the tracks of the hair extension because this results in loose ends, which will end up making your hair shed.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your hair, consider sealing the hair extension.

Tip 2 – Moisture

When it comes to the maintenance of hair extensions, irrespective of what style you choose, keeping them moisturized is very important. Hair extensions are not capable of getting moisture and nutrients from your scalp. So, it is important to ensure that the hair is maintained. Hair extensions that are moisturized and clean will always be vivacious, adaptable and easy to work with. 

Tip 3 – Coloring and Bleaching

As Brazilian hair is 100% all natural hair, this makes it adaptable for coloring and bleaching. These two actions this will not damage the hair extensions. But the process of coloring and bleaching will remove moisture from the hair extensions and leave you hair dry.

Do not try to bleach or color your hair extensions on your own. It is best to seek a professional stylist to help you. The stylist will know what products are right for your hair extensions. Products that are harsh will damage the hair. Most importantly, deep conditioning must be done after any dyeing or bleaching of the hair. 

Tip 4 – Use of Heated Tools

Heated tools can be used on Brazilian hair as the hair is 100 % natural and will not be damaged. But if you like your hair curly or wavy, choose that style to keep the natural look. Those hair types are manufactured to maintain that look. If you try to straighten that hair, it will lose its natural volume.

Tip 5 – Washing Your Hair Extensions

If you choose Brazilian hair extensions, whether straight, curly, body wave or loose wave, the same procedure should be followed when washing. Many people think that hair should be shampooed often. However, doing so it will strip the hair ofits natural nutrients.

The hair should be:


Always use a soft paddle brush on your hair before shampooing or conditioning the hair. Also, towel dry your hair extensions  as this help retain moisture.

Every woman loves to change their style. By using Brazilian hair extensions, you are certain to achieve that glamorous look. The extensions are easy to manage and have the softest natural texture. A women’s hair is her beauty and Brazilian hair will leave any women looking fabulous and looking like a queen.

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