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How to Treat Hemorrhoid at Home

How to Treat Hemorrhoid at Home
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Hemorrhoid home treatment is recommended for those who could not afford surgery and those who could afford surgery but could avoid it by preventing hemorrhoids from their own homes.

When one has health problems, it is an instinct to go to a doctor immediately and seek advice. This is because we want assurance that we could prevent the condition from elevating to its worst.  There is nothing wrong with consulting your physician, perhaps, it is even the best thing to do.  Luckily, hemorrhoid treatments are available from home.

Hemorrhoid home treatments could help prevent, lessen and probably diminish your hemorrhoid problems.  Hemorrhoids are really painful and can put you to the most discomforting feeling.  However, just by having self-medication, you could have the relief you are dying to have.

Hemorrhoid Home Treatment

Hemorrhoid home treatment among others include checking your diet, exercising, non-lifting of heavy objects, and use of herbal medicines.  You just have to know what to avoid in preventing the hemorrhoid from spreading into your colon area and in order for you not to aggravate your own situation.  Some other home treatments include the following.

• Do not sit for long hours.  Long hours of sitting would put too much pressure on the swollen area.  Practice to take walks instead of just sitting and doing nothing at all.  Walking could even help you with a good bowel movement.

• Control your food intake.  Your weight has something to do with your hemorrhoid outbreak.  It is best to watch your weight by controlling your food intake.  The lesser you eat, the lesser the possibilities of blocking stool in your colon.

• Know whether drugs or medications are a contributory factor.  If despite controlling your food intake, constipation remains to be a hindrance, you have to make sure that medications are not affecting the hemorrhoid problems you have.  If these drugs are not a factor, you may opt to take stool softeners in moderation.  Too much of anything could be poisonous, as they say.

• Do not scratch your hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoid scratching would irritate the skin and even the damaged veins.  Avoid doing so by using 0.5% hydrocortisone creams.

• Do not scrub the anal area.  Scrubbing the anal area with soap is contributory to the irritation that you feel.  The friction of the soap would lead to more serious problems like bleeding and flaking.

• Get some rest as often as you can.  Make it a point that whenever you have time, lie down and take some good rest.  Resting will relieve you of the stress and pressures that are sometimes contributory for your hemorrhoids not to heal.  Too much standing and sitting could put too much pressure on your anus because of your intestines and other vertical organs.

• Use ointments that contain numbing agents.  An example of this agent is pramoxine found in Anusol and Tranolane.  The numbing agent reduces burning and itching.

• Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs.  Considering that hemorrhoids are associated with pain and sometimes self-medication is one of our answers to the discomfort, we sometimes take aspirins and ibuprofens.  These drugs are known for its purpose of pain relief.  However, it is not advised that you take these anti-inflammatory drugs as they may increase bleeding.

Taking hemorrhoid home treatments is similar to self-medication.  You just have to be careful about the things you take as it may cost you more.  Home treatments may ease your pocket from the expenses brought about by surgery but make sure you do them correctly.

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